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Our menu is of a loose Mediterranean style, with a choice of traditional Italian Panini and baguettes as well as pasta and a good vegetarian range.


Here, at Fratelli Café, we are making the enjoyment of your favourite coffee drink or fresh grilled panini a more social experience. The place where to meet your friends!


We offer a range of authentic Italian products, the most notable of which is our award winning Coffee Mocarabia TM with its subtle almond tones.


We have a varied client base and are organic in our approach adapting our products and services accordingly without loosing the essence of Italy.

Panini di Fratelli

Every time you take a bite out of one of our panini,
close your eyes and let the hand-picked, authentic ingredients take you on a flavor journey.

Grilled Panini from Fratelli Cafe & Panini Bar

From the streets of Milan (Tomato & Mozzarella Panini) to sunny Sicily (Tuna & Mozzarella Panini), our grilled and pressed sandwiches can take you anywhere you want to be.

Fresh Baguettes

Continue your flavor journey with our special magical baguettes, freshly baked on the spot.

Fresh Baguettes from Fratelli Cafe & Panini Bar

Fresh Italian baguettes: deliciously filled or to enjoy with our own made Italian soup.

Delicious Pasta

Be careful! You might feel like you are in Rome when eating our penne pasta with our own made traditional Italian pasta sauce.
Pasta al Pomodoro is a quick light dish, prepared with love, pasta, olive oil, fresh tomatoes, basil and other fresh ingredients.

Pasta & Lasagna from Fratelli Cafe & Panini Bar

Penne all'Arrabiata are pasta with a sauce made on the premises from garlic, tomatoes and red chili peppers cooked in olive oil.

Grilled Panini

  • In      Out  
  • Mozzarella, Fresh Tomato & Pesto £3.40 / £3.00 
  • Brie, Roast Peppers & Bacon £3.80 / £3.40 
  • Parma Ham, Mozzarella & Fresh Tomato £3.80 / £3.40 
  • Mozzarella, Sun Dried Tomato & Italian Sauce£3.40 / £3.00 
  • Tuna & Mozzarella £3.60 / £3.20 
  • Roast Vegetables & Mozzarella £3.10 / £2.70 
  • Roast Chicken, Tomato & Mozzarella£3.60 / £3.20 
  • Salami, Roast Peppers & Mozzarella£3.80 / £3.40 

Fresh Baguettes

  • In      Out  
  • Ham, Cheese & Tomato£3.30 / £2.90 
  • Coronation Chicken & Mango Chutney£3.20 / £2.80 
  • Tuna, Sweetcorn & Mayonnaise£3.20 / £2.80 
  • Chicken, Bacon, Lettuce & Tomato£3.40 / £3.00 
  • Cheese, Ham & Salad£3.40 / £3.00 
  • Prawn Salad in Marie Rose Sauce£3.95 / £3.55 
  • Brie & Roast Peppers£3.00 / £2.60 
  • Roast Chicken & Salad£3.20 / £2.80 
  • Chicken Tikka, Salad & Mint Yogurt Dressing£3.20 / £2.80 
  • Ham & Tomato£3.10 / £2.70 

Pasta, Lasagna, Soups, Toasts

  • Pasta Pomodoro (tomatoes)£4.99 
  • Pasta Arrabiatta (spicy)£5.50 
  • Soup & Roll£3.25 
  • Roast Pepper & Tomato Soup (with Crusty Bread)£3.25 
  • Lasagne Bolognese£5.95 
  • Dipping Plate (olive oil, balsamic dressing, pesto, bread)£3.50 
  • Toast & Mozzarella£2.50 
  • Toast & Jams£1.75 
  • Toast£1.25 

Enjoy our mouth watering food with a refreshing glass of Italian wine (white, rose or red), beer or spirits.